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Gifts of items from generous individuals, like yourself, enable Whitby Museum to enhance their permanent collections. Our Curators are always interested to find out about the objects people wish to donate. Therefore to present an item or collection to Whitby Museum you must follow the procedure listed below.

Donation Procedure
How do I offer an object or document to Whitby Museum?

Please send a letter or email telling us about your object. It would help us if you can also enclose photographs or digital images.

Please provide us with:

This information can be sent to
Whitby Museum
Pannett Park
North Yorkshire
YO21 1RE

Can I send/leave my object to the Museum now?

Please do not send or leave unsolicited objects at the Museum. We will be in contact with you to arrange for you to bring the items into the Museum.

How long before I learn whether the Museum wants to acquire my object?

We may have to contact you several times before we have enough information for your object to be considered. After this time we will make arrangements for the object/documents to be brought into the museum.

This is by appointment only and it takes place on the second Tuesday or last Thursday of the month.

How does the Museum decide which objects to accept for the collection?

Whitby Museum has a formal decision-making procedure. Briefly, museum curators will assess the object on the basis of various criteria and discuss their findings at a monthly Acquisitions and Disposal Committee meeting. A recommendation is then made to the Trustees who make the final decision.

A formal letter will then be sent out by the Registrar or Librarian

We may decline your offer

To be accepted into our collections, items must meet the criteria set out in museum's collection strategy.

We may decline an offer if: