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Whitby Museum Location

Whitby Museum is located in Pannett Park, Whitby. Do take time to enjoy Pannett Park as well. It is a great place for a picnic and the play area is one of the best in the north of England.

Sketch Map

Download an A4 printer ready PDF map here

Whitby is on the line from Middlesbrough. However there are only a limited number of trains every day and intending rail visitors are advised to contact Rail enquiries for details. The station is about 15 minutes walk from the Museum.

The main roads into Whitby are
    A171 from Scarborough
    A171 from Guisborough and Teesside
    A64 from York, A169 from Malton
            through Pickering onto the A171

There is no parking at the Museum except for disabled visitors and invited guests. There is parking in St Hilda's Terrace though it is normally difficult to find an empty space! There is a large car park at West Cliff (fee payable) for coaches and cars. The Museum is less than 5 minutes walk from this car park and Pannett Park may be entered on foot at the top of Chubb Hill near the roundabout with St. Hilda's Terrace.

Coach Drop Off point
Coaches may drop off visitors either at the top of Chubb Hill (see downloadable map) or opposite the main Pannett Park gates in St Hilda's Terrace. Please note it is not possible to turn at the latter point.