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Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook

James Cook R.N., F.R.S. was one of our greatest circumnavigators and his maritime career started in Whitby. He was employed on Whitby ships on the coal run operating down the east coast. From here he jumped ship and joined the Royal Navy. He worked on ships in Canada during which time he carried out a survey of Newfoundland and further survey work which helped the successful capture of Quebec. From here he was recommended to lead three voyages in Whitby ships to the Pacific to :
Feather cloak
Part of a feather cloak obtained
by Cook in Hawaii in 1777

Davis Backstaff used in Navigation


The exhibits in the Cook wing illustrate his association with Whitby and events of the voyages (1768 - 1779). Five exhibits are of particular interest and importance :
Model of the 'Endeavour' made by Graham Leech solely using matchsticks!

No visitor should come to Whitby without also visiting the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Grape Lane in Whitby.