Chronicle of Curiosities Public Workshop

Your Chance to be Part of an Exhibition

Chronicle of Curiosities Public Workshop

Wednesday 4th December

11.00 – 12.30, 1.30-3.00, 3.30-5.00 or 6.00-7.30

£10 per person

Whitby Museum and artist in residence, Layla Khoo, invite members of the public to take part in a public workshop, taking casts and stories from people connected with Whitby, and the curious objects which they hold dear. These objects should not be valuable in the traditional sense, but of sentimental or emotional value – of no worth or meaning to anybody but yourself. This object will have a mould taken from it, and a plaster cast made as a replica, to be featured in the final exhibition, along with it’s story, in a “Cabinet of Curiosities”.

Cabinets of Curiosities were notable collections of objects – originally a room, but by the 16th Century actual cabinets were emerging. Within Whitby Museum’s notable collection of objects, is the Ripley Cabinet of Curiosities – a collection within a collection. The objects contained in these collections are made all the more interesting by the stories that come with them – without the stories, they are just objects. The Ripley Cabinet will be on display alongside the new cabinet full of objects loved by the people of Whitby.

Book your ticket now via our Eventbrite page by clicking here.

Conditions of participation:

  • Participants should either reside in Whitby, be from Whitby or have close connections with Whitby
  • Objects for casting should be small enough to hold in your hand, be waterproof (or cannot be damaged by moisture), and of little financial value
  • Objects should not be damaged during casting, but this cannot be guaranteed
  • A photograph of the proposed object for casting should be emailed to prior to the workshop event, to assess suitability and avoid disappointment on the day. If the proposed object is unsuitable for casting, you will be given the opportunity to select a replacement object, or your ticket will be refunded
  • The story of the object, and it’s emotional importance must be shared with the artist, and will form part of the public exhibition

If you would like further information please email

Ripley 2

A drawer from the Ripley Cabinet of Curiosities


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