Raise money for us just by searching the Internet

At a difficult time financially for Whitby Museum with the museum closures during 2020 would you like to help by raising money for us just by doing internet searches? You can do this easily by using “Everyclick” for your internet searches. Everyclick would donate £0.01p to us for every 10 searches done on their site. This may not seem much but if every one of our 3000 + Facebook followers used Everyclick, and searched for 10 things each day, the charity would raise £30 per day! To set up Everyclick on your computer go to https://www.everyclick.com and click ‘sign up’. Follow the instructions to create an account and when it comes to selecting the charity you want to raise funds for, simply type “Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society” in the search box, and press ‘select’ when you see our profile appear. Each time you want to search, simply go to that same URL (https://www.everyclick.com) and use the ‘search web’ box. You’ll see a tally of how much you’ve raised over time in the top right side of the screen. To make things easier, you can also change your ‘home’ screen of your browser to be your EveryClick page, this means everytime you open a new window or tab (depending on how you configure your settings) the page will appear ready for you to use!

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