Object of the Week

Duck’s Haberdashery

If you ever had the pleasure of going into Duck’s on Flowergate you will appreciate how accurate this tiny model is. You are instantly transported back to the vast array of colours and the smell of fresh fabric.

The model, measuring 16×10 inches, was made by Des Sythes, a former photographic curator and volunteer at the museum. He made it in memory of his wife, Violet, who was a keen crafter and would have spent many hours in Ducks selecting her materials. In fact, Violet Sythes was the winner of a sampler competition run by the museum in 1992.

All the tiny items within the model are handmade, look closely at the detail and you will be astounded by the accuracy of each tiny sewing pattern and cotton reel.

Ducks occupied Regent House, 8/9 Flowergate from 1863 until the late 1980s.

Model Close Up
Violet Sythes winning entry in our sampler competition in 1992

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