Scoresby’s Arctic

Event information

Date: Fri, 27 May 2022 - Sun, 4 December 2022

Cost: No additional charge

Type: Exhibition

Scoresby’s Arctic exhibition aims to please casual visitors of all ages as well as Scoresby enthusiasts.

Central is the 200-year-old manuscript of  William Scoresby Junior’s best-selling ‘An Account of the Arctic Regions’.

Areas covered include climate, plankton, whaling, zoology, botany, and navigation.  Scoresby’s life and work is put into the context of his time and ours, with notes on some recent developments in fields which he pioneered.

Many original drawings by William Scoresby Junior, including his snowflakes, are on display. His work on Svalbard is complemented by recent photographs by Caroline Hack, whose embroidered snowflakes and textile pictures brighten the walls.

Exhibition Text and pictures are reproduced in the accompanying booklet, on sale at the museum desk.