Library Access

Library access & Guidelines for use

Our opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 10 am and closing at 1 pm prompt. Please arrive in good time so that you can sign-in, discuss your query with a volunteer and allow an interval for the retrieval of books or archives. We recommend that you make an appointment during opening times at least 2-weekdays before your intended visit. This can be by telephone or email. Please note that we are volunteers and cannot guarantee to have sufficient colleagues available to answer all enquiries immediately.

Normal Library access

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Bank Holidays Closed

To ensure that items from the Library collection will be available it is advisable to contact us before visiting. Making an appointment will allow us to have material ready for you.

Please contact us by email (, phone (01947 602908) or by post at Library and Archive, Whitby Museum, Pannett Park, Whitby, YO21 1RE

Guidelines for using the Library and Archives

  • smoking is not permitted
  • mobile telephones should be switched off

We invite you to share with us the responsibility for the future preservation of our books and original documents by adhering to the following guidelines

  • only pencils may be used for taking notes in the Library
  • do not write on books and documents or mark them in any way
  • do not eat or drink in the Library
  • the use of sharp implements (such as scissors) is not allowed in the Library
  • ensure that your hands are clean and free of hand creams before handling any original material
  • use gloves if asked to do so by a member of staff
  • do not lean on documents or volumes or rest on top of them when taking notes
  • take care not to disturb the arrangement of loose papers
  • consult documents on a flat surface and do not allow them to overhang the edge of the table
  • use book rests to support volumes where necessary
  • please report any damaged books or documents to staff