Library & Archives Blog – Amazing Audios!

Not only do we have books and archive documents but we have a large audio catalogue available for the public to listen at leisure or access for research requirements.

In the catalogue are interviews with RNLI individuals from the Centenary in 2023 including an interview with Bethany and Barry of Fortune Kippers. Talks with members of the Whitby Naturalists Club questioning characters such as local fisherman Jim Leadley and dialogues from past members of the Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society; including talks about the beginnings of the Whitby to Pickering Railway.

There are stories and poems to entertain you and sliding alongside Whitby Museum’s new exhibition Our Lasses: Inspirational Women of Whitby are interviews with lots of Yorkshire lasses – Dorothy Swales, Mabel Race, Sarah Tindale, Ida Gale, Lillian Whamond and Hannah Hauxwell. I also met Sheila Render on one of my outreach sessions and was lucky enough to interview her about living on the famous Tin Ghaut.

“And er…course in our house ‘ere we had to do everything in one room. We had our meals in the room, bath in the room. When we had a bath we used to fill a bucket of water and put it on the gas stove. Got the hot water and me mother or me dad or me would have a bath but who ever was last had to go outside, you hadn’t any privacy like you have nowadays.” (exert taken from interview with Sheila Render Tin Ghuat)

Whitby Museum is back open on Tuesday 6th February. Drop in with a pair of headphones and wile away the time with an audio treat.

Claire Marris Archive Development Officer