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World Maritime Day takes place on Thursday 28th September. The day was created to honour the work of international maritime industry workers. The word maritime comes from the latin word maritimus which means ‘of the sea’. So with this in mind I thought I would mention our fabulous collection of LLoyd’s Register of Shipping that we hold here.

The LLoyd’s Register of Shipping are a collection of books that include information relating to shipping records from all over the World and is the first and largest ship-classification society. The register began in 1764 and we currently hold records back to 1835. The registers list all merchant ships of 100 or more tons gross. The society also publishes yacht registers and statistical summaries on shipbuilding, fleets, and marine casualties.

The registers includes: the list of subscribers, signal letters of vessels and port of registry, any changes to names, lists of shipbuilders, information about docks, pontoons, harbours, quays etc., list of addresses, names and details of vessels; basically any information you need to know.

If you are interested in finding out more about these registers or need to do research on shipping please contact