Library & Archives Blog – Have you heard of Tin Ghaut?

There is a new exhibition in the library dedicated to the famous Tin Ghaut. Emma, one of our sixth form volunteers, was given the task of researching this famous landmark and putting together display materials.

Tin Ghaut was demolished in 1959 despite persistent protest from Whitby locals but there are still fond memories and I was lucky enough to collect an audio interview from Sheila Render (nee Stephenson) who lived at number 7 Tin Ghaut in her childhood. Extracts are included in the exhibition but you can listen to the whole interview below.

There are many articles in the Whitby Gazette relating to Tin Ghaut; included in the display is ‘The Tin Ghaut Inquiry’ that gave the chance for people to have their say about why Tin Ghaut should or should not be demolished. This is available for you to read on our Digital Whitby Gazette. (Whitby Gazette, 12th April 1957)

In addition, I found a lovely story about Sheila and her father, Norman Stephenson when they found a bird covered in oil, took it home and nursed it back to good health. (Whitby Gazette, 16th December 1949, page 7)

The exhibition is available for the public to view now and look forward to hearing about other personal experiences and thoughts about Tin Ghaut.

Claire Marris Archive Development Officer