Library & Archives Blog – PENfriend 2: Supporting people with Sight Loss

In the library we are striving to create a resource that is inclusive for all and one of the areas that I am interested to develop further is sight support. We have a CLOVER 7S Handheld Video Magnifier and now trialling the PENfriend 2 Audio Pen.

In the library, we have the Tin Ghaut exhibition and I have recorded audio using the ‘pen’ – describing and reading the resources in the cabinet. This audio has been transferred to special labels, which are placed on the glass top of the cabinet ready to be accessed by the special pen, which is available upon request.

Once the label is touched by the pen, the audio will start playing and can be listened to with or without headphones depending on preference.

I am interested in receiving feedback about this tool and hope to use it for future exhibitions in the cabinet.

Claire Marris Archive Development Officer