Library & Archives Blog – The Clover 7S Handheld Video Magnifier

We are now the proud owner of a CLOVER 7S Handheld Video Magnifier, basically an amazing digital magnifying glass! This 7-inch widescreen LCD displays great HD images with vibrant colour, assuring changing magnification from 2X to 37X still offers real-time crisp images.

It can be hand held; manually moving through the document with several options to change colour or mounted on the stand for a wider view using the handy joystick to scan down the document.

Besides the common zooming and colour mode function, there are various practical functions such as Reading Line and Mask, Image Freeze and Storage, Find and Live Panning. This tool will hopefully make reading difficult documents in the library and archives easier. This is now available for public use, therefore, please enquire about its availability.

Claire Marris

Archives Development Officer


Reference: Clover 7S Handheld Video Magnifier User Guide