Lost Tales of Whitby

The John Tindale: A Vision of Whitby exhibition closes very soon on the 8th May.

For the final few days we have added a new film ‘Lost Tales of Whitby’, telling five ‘lost’ tales of Whitby on the Yorkshire coast.  The stories in the film have all come from old local newspapers held in the archives of the museum.

All the stories have a dream-like quality and are rooted in the sea and the animals that live alongside Whitby people up on the moors and along the cliffs.  The magic of old-style journalism reporting local stories also shines through, a style of writing for print that is perhaps now almost lost as well.

With an original score by Alasdair Reed, ‘Lost Tales of Whitby’ by Anne Dodsworth is the fifth in a series of original Whitby films that she has made to celebrate the unique culture and drama of this town at the far edge of the Yorkshire coast.
Lost Tales of Whitby