Meteorites from the Moon

What a fascinating talk we had last night about meteorites from the Moon with Tony Kearsley. We even got to see a small fragment of moon rock!!

Given that the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings takes place on 20th July you may be interested in the following resources which Tony has recommended;


Excellent resources have been posted online by NASA, giving details of the missions at:

Many photographs taken by astronauts on the surface of the Moon, and of the surface from the orbiting Command Module are digitised. These are available with detailed explanations, transcripts of the astronaut activities and radio transmissions from:

Photographs and descriptions of the collected samples can be found at:

Lunar meteorites

The best and most comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the details of lunar meteorites can be found at Randy Korotev’s website WashU (St Louis):

An up to date explanation of the importance of lunar meteorites can be found in the review paper by Katie Joy and Tomoka Arai at:

Remember if you haven’t visited our Whitby and the Cosmos exhibition yet the exhibition closes on 20th July so come along soon!