One Day in Whitby’s War

A service of Remembrance and Reconciliation was held at Bannial Flatts Farm Cottages on Monday 3rd February to commemorate the events affecting Whitby on 3rd February 1940. There were three major incidents – the crash of the first German aircraft to be shot down on English soil, the bombing of the Whitby ship SS Kildale off Spurn Point, the Belgian steamer Charles ran aground off Saltwick Nab and two crew from the Whitby lifeboat were lost as they attempted to rescue the Charles’s crew. All of the names of all those lost from all the nations involved were read out in a roll of honour. The service also recognised all the efforts of Whitby people who put aside enmity of conflict to save lives. Visit our Facebook page to see footage of the service.

Find out more about the events of this day in a special display now on show at Whitby Museum.

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