What we offer schools

WHITBY MUSEUM is a treasure trove of local artefacts, objects, documents, books, maps, photographs, and paintings with interest for all Key Stages.We are keen to make its resources available for educational purposes for investigative, observational, inspirational and research studies across the curriculum.

As well as the Library containing the archives, the main displays are Fossils, Geology, Whitby Jet, Costume, Natural History, James Cook, William Scoresby, Ethnography, Archaeology, Shipping, Social Trade, Domestic and Education, Bygones, Toys, The Abbey, Military, Coins plus a Temporary Exhibition on a variety of themes which change several times a year. All in all we have well over 80,000 interesting items to look at.

We offer to work with teachers across all Key Stages and ages to make a more in-depth or broader study of their particular topic or research (resources permitting).

We welcome well supervised school parties who have a clear goal for their visit.  In light of the current pandemic our maximum school party size has been reduced to 35 plus accompanying adults. This is to ensure the comfort and confidence of all visitors to the museum. Bookings for larger group sizes may be available outside of normal opening hours upon request. These limits will be kept under regular review.

We ask that 1 adult accompanies every 8 students, additional adults are admitted free of charge. Please see current pricing structure below –

Charges for School Parties
Party Size Entry Fee Minimum Accompanying Adults – Additional Adults Free
16 or less £14 2
17-24 £21 3
25-32 £28 4
33-35 £35 5
Maximum Booking 35 Children

All trips should be booked by TELEPHONE, in advance. Please see our Guidelines for a Successful School Visit and School Booking Form pages. To help teachers prepare their risk assessment then it may be useful to consult our General and Health & Safety information and Guidance for Group Visits.

We are currently revising our Education Pack. We do have two quizzes available; one suitable for KS1 and one for KS2. These can be downloaded and printed prior to your visit by clicking on the quiz name;

Museum Quiz KS1 Bigger or Smaller

Museum Quiz KS2 Homes and Shelters

For additional educational resources, many of which relate to our collection, please visit the North Yorkshire Moors Association website History Tree educational materials page by clicking here. The History Tree book is also on sale in the Museum shop.

LOAN BOXES are available to local schools on Victorian Social History. Please telephone to book these.

Occasional COMPETITIONS are organised for local schools with prizes for winners. Details will be sent out.