School Guidelines

Guidelines for school visits

Whitby Museum is keen to make its resources available for educational purposes. At certain times the Museum is heavily booked so please book well in advance.

1. Telephone (01947 602908) as soon as possible to make a booking in the Museum diary.
2. Confirm the booking via email to the Museum Manager

ARRIVE ON TIME so that your own and other people’s arrangements are not upset. If you are delayed please ring to let us know. We shall try to make adjustments, but a late arrival may mean shortening your visit.


SUPERVISION Due to the current pandemic a limit of 35 students plus accompanying adults has been set, this is to ensure the comfort and confidence of all our visitors. Group limits will be kept under regular review. Bookings for larger groups may be available outside of normal opening hours by prior request.

Please provide a teacher/adult supervisor for every 8 students. Supervisors are asked to:
1. monitor their 8 students throughout the visit, especially in the toilets or at the shop;
2. teachers and supervisors must be aware at all times of where their students are
3. ensure for safety that students do not run, sit or lay on the floor, lean on the cabinets, or misuse the lift.

PHOTOGRAPHY is permitted for private use. Use of flash or tripod is not permitted.

SPECIAL NEEDS Please give us advanced indication of any SEN students so that we can be sensitive to their needs. A designated accompanying adult is helpful.

WORKSHEETS Teachers are advised to visit in advance and to plan their own worksheets. Pre visits are offered free of charge. We are currently revising our Education Pack. However, we do have quizzes available for KS1 and KS2 which can be downloaded and printed prior to your visit;

Museum Quiz KS1 Bigger or Smaller

Museum Quiz KS2 Homes and Shelters

For education resources, many if which relate to our collection, please visit the North Yorkshire Moors Association website History Tree educational materials page by clicking here. The History Tree book is also on sale in the Museum shop.

CLOAKROOM Please follow the instructions given by the Museum Assistants when you arrive. Money and valuables should always be kept with the owner. The Museum is not responsible for any loss or damage.

FIRST AID First Aid equipment is available please see the Museum Assistant at the reception desk.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION Should the continuous Fire Bell sound please follow the Museum Assistant’s direction. The designated collection point is the adjacent play area.

These guidelines are to help you and other visitors enjoy their day.