Poetry Competition

During the first lockdown we ran a poetry competition.

The winning entry came from Rachel Hutchinson.

Yesterday Rachel was finally able to come into the museum to collect her prize. After such a long wait it was fantastic to finally be able to welcome her.

Here is Rachel’s winning entry

Where white pillars stand tall.
Inside an Ichthyosaurus covers the wall.
Years of history and stories untold.
Standing deep in the park at 89 years old.

Walk inside and be transported out to sea.
From captain James to William Scoresby.
Thrashing waves and ships wrecked on the sand.
Walk through the hall to see the glorious hand!

Cabinets of Whitby jet, let’s play chess.
On looks the lady in her Victorian dress.
The beautiful globe is the star of the show.
Thousands of places but nowhere to go.

Fossil after fossil and animal filled glass.
Thousands of visitors over the years will pass.
If only the items inside could speak
Watching the world go by week after week.

Frank Meadows pictures captured the street.
The herring girls working with baskets at their feet.
The children’s laughter will never be gone.
With Whitby museum, the history lives on.

Thank you to everyone who took part.