Access to the Library and Archive

Research appointments

Opening times are Tuesdays to Fridays 10.00-1.00 for research bookings.

For research enquiries an advance booking is required. Bookings can be made by emailing   Please give some indication of the area of enquiry in order that material can be prepared.

The Library is open to view during opening hours.  Books within the bookcases are available to view within the Library subject to the Library terms and conditions and staff availability.

Guidelines for using the Library and Archive

  • smoking is not permitted in the building
  • mobile telephones should be switched to silent
  • place coats, bags etc in the secure lockers provided.

Help preserve our books and archives by adhering to the following guidelines

  • please use pencil only
  • please do not write on books and documents or mark them in any way
  • please do not eat or drink in the Library
  • please do not use sharp implements, such as scissors
  • please ensure that your hands are clean and free of hand creams before handling
    any items
  • please use gloves if asked to do so by a member of staff
  • please do not lean on documents or volumes or rest on top of them when taking notes
  • please take care not to disturb the arrangement of loose papers
  • please consult documents on a flat surface: do not allow them to overhang the edge of the table
  • please ask for book rests to support volumes where necessary
  • please report any damaged books or documents to staff