Snowflakes in July!!

Snowflakes welcome in Whitby Museum.

Members of the public are invited to contribute their own snowflakes to Whitby Museum’s current “Scoresby’s Arctic” exhibition.

The exhibition includes a rare chance to see William Scoresby Junior’s original snowflake drawings, which are too fragile for regular display. His meticulous drawings were made on board ship in the Arctic using a microscope. He noted that many of the six-sided snow crystals were damaged by the time he drew them.

The snowflake drawings were published in Scoresby’s 1820 book “An Account of the Arctic Regions” which is the subject of the current delayed bicentenary exhibition. The exhibition features whaling as well as Scoresby’s ground-breaking scientific work in biology, physics and geography, putting it in the context of his time but also comparing past and present.

The exhibition features many of Scoresby’s original drawings, together with recent photographs of Svalbard by co-curator Caroline Hack. Caroline has also embroidered 12 snowflakes inspired by Scoresby’s drawings and produced textile panels to illustrate the exhibition’s themes.

Snowflakes created by visitors may be made of anything which won’t rot, melt or go mouldy but should be no more than 2½ inches (7cm) on the longest side. There are no age restrictions and no prizes, simply a chance to have a piece exhibited in the museum. Snowflakes for inclusion in the display should be sent for the attention of the Registrar, Whitby Museum, Pannett Park, Whitby YO21 1RE. Makers should include contact details so that snowflakes can be reclaimed when the exhibition closes in early December.