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Whitby Museum has been described as “A Museum of Treasures”.   It was founded in 1823 by the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society whose members still run it today for the benefit of its members, local community and visitors of all ages.  We are approaching our bi-centenary – 200 years – which is an amazing achievement.

As an entirely Independent Museum we receive no funding from national or local government and rely on donations from some very generous individuals and the commitment and hard work of dedicated volunteers to keep this fascinating and important local Museum open.

So that the Museum can survive and thrive, we are launching this scheme to make sure that by the time we reach our landmark year, 2023, we are on a sound financial footing and can safeguard this fantastic local institution for years to come.

Being a Patron, Friend or Corporate Partner is a fantastic way to show how much you care about the remarkable and unique heritage that can be found reflected in the collections within Whitby Museum.  In return, you will be able to enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and the knowledge that you have helped secure the future of this remarkable Museum.

We hope you will consider joining this special group of donors and this information is designed to give you an outline of the ways in which you can support us. Thank you for your interest in Whitby Museum, with your help we can secure its future.

Sponsorship activities could include:

  • Donating a sum of money towards or sponsoring an exhibition on Whitby’s heritage; e.g. ship building; whaling and fishing; mining or jet.
  • Donating a sum of money towards or sponsoring our publicity leaflet.
  • Donating a sum of money towards or sponsoring an advert in a selected tourist publication.
  • Donating a sum of money towards or sponsoring a children’s educational project or workshop based on Whitby’s heritage.
  • Sponsor or contribute to an urgent major development project such as restructuring the shop area.
  • Sponsor a much-needed update of our computer software to meet the new data protection law coming next year.
  • Sponsor a new display or expand interpretation of an exhibit.
  • Sponsor a new research publication.
  • Donating a sum of money towards or sponsoring new signage to direct visitors to the Museum.
  • Sponsor the advert on the Park and Ride Bus or Tour Bus.
  • Sponsor the printing of our guide and information sheets in braille and different languages.

Other Donations

Individuals or families who do not wish to take advantage of the other schemes can donate a sum of money to be used at the discretion of the Trustee Committee for the benefit of the Museum.

Acknowledgement of this will be made on the website and in the annual report.

If you would like to consider making a donation or would like to know more about our supporters scheme please contact the Operations Manager manager@whitbymuseum.org.uk