Is Mars Habitable?


We apologise that this event has been cancelled. The speaker was due to be travelling from aboard and in light of the new overseas travel guidance has had to cancel his trip. We hope to reschedule the event at a later date.

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Free Public Talk at Whitby Museum

Thursday 2nd December 6.45pm

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Join Professor Javier Martin-Torres of the Dept. of Planetary Sciences, University of Aberdeen, who is in the area while undertaking planetary exploration technology development work at STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory, Boulby mine.

Professor Javier Martin-Torres

Assessing the habitability of Mars has been an objective of the scientific community for a long time, but it has recently become a sustained focus in light of data being returned from the planet and growing knowledge about life in extreme environments.

The ‘Curiosity’ rover on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), one of NASAs flagship missions, analyses since August 2012 the Martian environment to assess whether Mars could have supported life. After more than 5 years of operations on Mars the rover ‘Curiosity’ has acquired an unprecedented data record of near surface measurements providing an invaluable ground truth about the environmental conditions on Mars.

In this talk, Professor Martin-Torres will revise, based on our current understanding of the environmental conditions on Mars, and definitions of life, the quest of Martian habitability.

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