Whitby & the Cosmos Talks

We are delighted to announce that we now have a series of talks planned associated with our current exhibition “Whitby and the Cosmos: The Search for Dark Matter”. All the talks must be booked in advance via our Eventbrite page. We are also offering two meteorite workshops, see our special events page for more details.

Deep Science at Boulby Laboratory: The Search for Dark Matter and Beyond.   Sean Paling

Thursday 20 June 7pm £5 book in advance by clicking here.

For more than three decades astrophysicists have been engaged in the search for Dark Matter below ground at Boulby mine. This is one of the few places in the world free of interference from natural background radiation. The race to find Dark Matter is still on and Boulby currently operates the CYGNUS detector and is helping to build ‘LZ’, the next-generation system based on the ZEPLIN. In the meantime new projects operating at Boulby range from astro and particle physics to studies of geology/geophysics, climate, the environment, life in extreme environments on Earth and beyond.

Sean Paling is Director and Senior Scientist at the Boulby Underground Laboratory.


Meteorites from the Moon!   Tony Kearsley

Thursday 4 July 7pm tickets £5 book in advance by clicking here.

Meteorites from the Moon reveal a violent history stretching back billions of years. Even very small samples may contain tiny fragments of a wide range of lunar and other rock types. These show signs of being smashed, mixed and melted together by catastrophic asteroid impacts, some big enough to send fragments into space, eventually reaching the earth’s surface as meteorites.

Tony Kearsley is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and former Microanalyst at the Natural History Museum in London.


2019 Programme of Talks

27 March              The Gales Way,                                    George Gale                                                                             An Unusual Walk Around Whitby

24 April                 Archive and Other Stories,               Hayley Mills-Styles,                                                                 A Textile Autobiography                    Former Museum Artist in Residence

22 May                  Whitby’s Literary History                 Melanie Senior,                                                                                                                                       Researcher at University of York

25 September      Flint Jack                                               Sean Lynch, Member of the Henry                                                                                                     Moore Foundation

23 October           The Ghost Signs of Whitby                Peter Craggs

27 November      The Man who Walked Naked to       Fiona Barnard,                                                                        Kabul & other Characters from      Scoresby Curator, Whitby Museum                                     the Rev Scoresby’s Autograph                                                                                                            Book

Talks generally take place at 2.15 pm on the fourth Wednesday in the month in the Normanby Room. Whilst originally intended for members of the Lit. & Phil., non-members are now most welcome on payment of £2.00

Talks usually last just over 1 hour and are usually accompanied by visual presentations.