The Pandemic: A History

The Pandemic: A History of the People of Whitby During this Period of their Lives

Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society would like to compile an historic record of the experiences and feelings of the community during the current pandemic. Could you help us by providing some content?

It is important that the people of Whitby record their experiences during this pandemic for history and for future generations of Whitby people and the world at large.

Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society would like the people of Whitby and district of all ages to help them build up a history which will be kept in the museum library for future generations to study. It will also be published online for anyone to access.

How can you help?

Simply record your pandemic experiences. This could be in the form of a poem; a collection of photographs; a short passage or a diary.

Your experiences could include; relationships with relatives and friends; getting about; exercise; neighbours; the NHS and other services; schooling; the effect on small businesses etc.

Please send your experiences (which should be the equivalent of no more than one side of A4) by email to

You can also contact us via the above email address for more information.