Numismatics (coins)

Denarius Penny
Silver denarius of Hadrian
from Ugthorpe
Henry III penny

There are two panels of British coins on display. The first has representative coins from the pre-Roman Iron Age to the reign of King George VI. The second looks in much more detail at the coins of Queen Elizabeth II, including the transition from £.s.d to decimal currency in 1971, and the enormous range of coins produced by the Royal Mint to celebrate Royal events and commemorate anniversaries ranging from Roger Bannister’s sub-4 minute mile to the publication of Florence Nightingale’s book on nursing. Just at present they are issuing a series of coins to celebrate the London Olympics in 2012, many of them designed by amateurs all over the land, such as a schoolboy from Harrogate who designed the 50p piece about Cycling. There are also examples of the special gold and sterling silver coins produced for collectors.

Diamond wedding EII
£5 coin commemorating 2007 Diamond Wedding of
Elizabeth II and Prince Philip struck in sterling silver