Toys & Dolls

Toys & Dolls

A large, varied and ever growing collection of toys, dolls, books and games ranging from Elizabethan wooden dolls to the Pelham puppets along with an early Punch and Judy set.

A host of other toys includes a furnished dolls house plus a selection of tin toys and wind up vehicles.

There is also a varied selection of wax-headed, bisque and composition dolls, most in beautiful Clothes.

Visitors are taken back to their own chidhood days and children can learn how toys were used for education as well as fun.

Victorian wax headed doll with leather arms, hands and human hair Doll
Authentic reproduction of Clothes found in an old Victoria & Albert Museum book Doll
Punch and Judy Early Punch and Judy (believed to have been made before the introduction of the crocodile.) Any information would be appreciated on early Punch and Judy
Edwardian doll with travelling trunk, full of many sets of period Clothes Various
Kattie Kattie, the Ruswarp Witch
Clockwork tinplate Beetle Beetle
Grosmont bus Model of the Grosmont bus. Made in the 1940s by George Harrison, the Grosmont village joiner
Sunny Jim Bertie Bassett
‘Sunny Jim’ ca. 1900
Used to sell Oats Force Flakes
‘Bertie Bassett’ Introduced by
John McEwan to sell liquorice allsorts in 1929
Dolls Dolls
Whitby Photographic Society
2012 Competition Entry
Whitby Photographic Society
2012 Competition Entry