Inuit items collection

Inuit items collection

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mystery figure

Arctic figure of unknown origin and purpose

This figure is around 450 mm (18″) tall and is made of skin wetted and stretched over wood, with some metal fastenings. It has an oval base and is described as being from a model kayak. It weighs around 2 kilos (4lb) which is unusually heavy because Arctic peoples moved frequently so their possessions were light and portable. Also wood and metal were scarce.

So far we have found nothing similar in the collections of other museums. The style and workmanship do not look European.

The Museum would like to hear from you if you have any information about our strange figure, or if you have seen anything similar.

bear comb
Bear Comb
bone knife eye shade
Bone knife Eye shade

(Some items are too fragile for regular display) Collection includes:

  • Greenland kayak with paddle
  • Small model kayak with paddle
  • Figure made of skin stretched over wood
  • Sealskin mittens from Savage Islands
  • Sealskin boots, kamiks
  • Innuit fire hearth (bow drill)
  • Small bear carved from walrus ivory
  • Bone spatula and decorated comb
  • Two eye shades
  • Bone knife for cutting blocks of snow
  • Hunting implements including throwing sticks, the prong from a bird dart
  • Fishing line with hook, harpoon, spear point