Whales and Whaling collection

Whales and Whaling collection

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spouting whaleGreenland Right Whale

Tail flukes Whaling implements
Tail flukes Whaling implements


Model of the Baffin
Collection includes:

  • Model of Baffin of Liverpool, whaler designed by William Scoresby
  • Model of Phoenix of Whitby, whaling ship
  • Model of Henry Morgan, American whaling ship
  • Replica crow’s nest, full size
  • Cabin chair and telescope belonging to William Scoresby senior
  • Compass chronometer made on board the Baffin
  • Ice saw, harpoons, harpoon gun, lances and other implements used in hunting and cutting up the whale

Information on whales and whaling is held in the Museum Library and in the Scoresby Archive and may be viewed by appointment.