Whaling Industry and Products collection

Whaling Industry and Products collection

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balleen whalebone shed
Whale showing baleen Moorsom’s Whalebone Shed
false teeth walking stick knob scrimshaw
False teeth made of walrus ivory Knob from top of walking stick Scrimshaw

Collection includes:

  • William Scoresby junior’s drawing of whale oil gas apparatus
  • Specimen of unprocessed baleen (whalebone)
  • Bottle of whale oil from South Georgia
  • Statistics on the catches obtained by Whitby whaling ships from 1803 to 1816
  • Old map of Whitby showing the locations of whaling related industries
  • Pictures of a shed made from whale jaw bones
  • Whalebone stay busks
  • False teeth made from walrus ivory
  • Pen made from whale bone
  • Silver-topped whip made from baleen

Carved bone and ivory: Walking stick carved from a narwhal tusk, engraved “R Sanderson, 1846” Knob from a gentleman’s walking stick engraved “F.D.1705”

Scrimshaw: carving on bone or ivory by sailors

  • Various items, including 3 engraved sperm whale teeth
  • Pair of walrus tusks engraved with fish, snake and bird
  • Whalebone stay busk carved as a love token