Alex Purdie – Whitby and the pandemic : a virtual archive of people’s experiences

Spring 2020

We’ll always remember this Spring when the virus came,
everything changed, yet still was the same.
the blossom still bloomed and the birds still sang,
the daffodils still danced, oh what beauty they brang.

Fuzzy faces on a screen replaced a kiss or a hug,
with every conversation giving your heart strings a tug.
Waves and blown kisses through a window pane,
yet our love for each other would still never wane.

Strangers united by claps and rainbows,
pulling together to get through our woes.
Britain was ‘distant’, but had never been more united
our community spirit was suddenly ignited.

Shopping trips or phone calls to make others smile,
our precious key workers all going the extra mile.
COVID-19 is our invisble enemy, yet wont break us down
our United Kingdom is still adorned with her crown.

Lets forget the lockdowns, food shortages and everything in between,
lets focus on the beauty that can still be seen.
It feels like an eternity, our family we love and miss you all
but just remember this soon will be a time we merely recall

Alex Purdie