Marion Atkinson — Whitby and the pandemic : a virtual archive of people’s experiences

My Self

My garden walls keep me in

my voluntary cage of confinement;

A secure unit of self-isolation

with imaginary bars.

I am, myself,

alone and self-contained in solitude

—– a cageling

With wings cut and freedom curtailed in

my voluntary cage of confinement.

My garden walls may keep me in,

but my imagination will set me free.

Marion Atkinson


Making Me Cry

You made me cry Nurse Dawn Bilbrough, when you couldn’t find food;

when the shelves had been stripped bare;

when you sounded so near to breaking —–

While working for the NHS.

What is it about some people

that times like these – bring out the worst?

And yet,

What is it about other people

that times like these – bring out the best?

People like, Captain Tom Moore, for inspiring the nation

by his attitude and by raising money,

before his hundredth birthday —-

While walking for the NHS.

People like, Michael Ball with Captain Tom et al, for reaching No. 1

with a song that always makes me cry,

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ ——–

While singing for the NHS.

People like, Edward and Elliot, for playing their version of

‘Stand By Me’ on trumpet and saxophone

to accompany those on a Thursday night ———

While clapping for the NHS.

I want to thank you all, for making me cry.

Marion Atkinson