Sarah Clift – Whitby and the pandemic : a virtual archive of people’s experiences

‘Still Shines It’s Radiance … ‘

So this is life now
Veering away from the few strangers that you come across
Walking off onto grass verges to keep two metres distance
Crossing the road to avoid people
Giving apologetic friendly little smiles to each other as we all know it’s not personal and we have regulations to adhere to
It’s simultaneously peaceful and safe but lonely
Everyone is segregated, everyone is feeling the effects after six weeks, it feels longer
I’m alone and haven’t seen anyone I love for two months now, work friends are a blessed relief and a source of solidarity and companionship and after the initial shock we try to keep some normality and still manage to make each other laugh and smile
And my beloved gorgeous town still shines it’s radiance despite being shut down and empty
As you can’t close down the sea and the sky and the sunsets and the beauty …
Sarah Clift