Wendy Rayment – Whitby and the pandemic : a virtual archive of people’s experiences

Coping with lockdown during Covid 19 pandemic 2020

Pannett Park was my ‘go to’ place during lockdown. My chance to reconnect with nature, de-stress and make sense of the unprecedented life we all now found ourselves living.

My home was a top floor flat with no access to a garden. Only myself and thankfully, my little cat Merlin. My daily walk was very often centred around Pannett Park; although the lack of other people seemed strange at first, it was never lonely.

The grey squirrels came most days to beg for nuts – they were used to doing this with the locals who used to feed them daily.

The birds nesting in the trees and possibly finding solace in the lack of disturbance from people.

The plants as they sprung into life from their winter slumber – the weather was initially so mild and sunny for the time of year, they seemed to change daily.

The insects buzzing around the first spring flowers; making the most of the dry, warm weather.

The whimsical sculptures dotted amongst the borders and pathways, bringing a smile to my face on even the darkest days.

All of these things brought on a sense of normality, a sense of calm and a world continuing to thrive despite events happening around us.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting the park but it was definitely my lifeline in those strange, unpredictable weeks and months that followed.

Wendy Rayment