The Story of Whitby

The Story of Whitby

When the new extension on the SW side of the existing Museum was being designed it was felt that the Museum lacked a comprehensive display relating to the history and importance of Whitby. Of necessity such a display would be mainly text and images and it was decided to mount the display as a series of boards on the walls of the new lecture (Normanby) room.

Rosalin Barker, a historian who has spent much of her life in university adult education and is an Honorary Fellow of Hull University, was asked to compile and write the information required for the display. We are pleased to say she accepted. Roger Dalladay, the honorary editor of the Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society and soon to be our first exhibitions officer, offered to design the boards and produce the necessary images. Some 22 boards (A2 size) resulted and were mounted round the walls of the Normanby room. It was felt that they deserved wider exposure and so a PDF has been produced which can only be accessed from this website.

Download the ca. 19.5MB PDF The Story of Whitby here. Sorry that it will take a while but a smaller file loses definition. The original and best presented version can often be seen in the Normanby Room at the Museum!